Director & Committee

Ye-Ming Wu

Christina Yu
Secretary General

Rosemary Wang
Chief Financial Officer

Jack Lee
General Convener

Shirley Yu
Chief Supervisor

Jack Lee
Advisory Board Committee

Eugenia Henry
Lobby committee

Thomas Chen
Diplomat committee

Rita Lee
Member qualification review committee

Lynn Wen
New member development committee

Catherine Yang
Fellowship committee

Allen Chang
The chair of Website Management Committee

Jan Yung Lin
By-Law committee

Morris Wu
Voting committee

Yea Mow

Finance Committee

Liao, K.C.
Innovation Committee

Chen, Tsueng (Tim)
New Tech Committee

Su, Hubert

Health and Welfare Committee

Wei, Justin
Youth Group Committee

Chang, Michelle
Women’s activity committee

Chen, Suzanne

Women’s activity committee

Chen, Younger

Charity Committee

Lee, Steven
Sports Committee

Loh, Jimmy

Sports Committee


1050 E Southern Ave Ste 5, Tempe, AZ 85282


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