Directors & Committees

Michelle Chang


Judi Yen

Secretary General

Annie Hsu

Chief Financial Officer

Frank Wen
Chief Supervisor

Chair Chin I Lin

Advisory Board Committee

Tim Chen

Chief Technology Management Officer

Chair William Tsao

Foreign Affairs Committee

Chair Thomas Chen

Diplomat committee

Chair Rita Lee

Disciplinary Committee

Chair Lynn Wen

Public Affairs Committee

Chair Catherine Yang

Member Networking Committee

Chair Tim Chen

Website Management Committee

Chair Joey Chiang

By-Law Committee

Chair Li K. Wang

Rules of Regulation Committee

Chair Tom Wu

Election Committee

Vice Chair Eric Kung

Election Committee

Chair Yea Mow Chen

Economic & Finance Committee

Chair Hubert Su

Health and Welfare Committee

Chair Eddie Wang

Youth Group Committee

Vice Chair Yale Huang

Youth Group Committee

Chair Younger Chen

Charity Committee

Co-Chair Jing Ruo Lin

Charity Committee

Chair Jimmy Loh

Sports Committee

Vice Chair Karen Chen

Sports Committee

Chair Hui Ling Chiang

New Member Qualification Review committee

Chair Emily Lai
Conventional Industry Innovation Committee

Chair Jackson Tsai
Real Estate Investment Committee

Co-Chair Andy Liu

Real Estate Investment Committee

Chair Petr Yeh
Education Expansion Committee

Vice Chair Nina Chien
Education Expansion Committee

Chair June Karegeannes

Business Opportunity Outreach  Committee

Chair Yun Yun Fang

Women Affairs Committee


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