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邀請函 主 旨: 北美洲台灣商會聯合總會謹訂於 2019年10月31日至11月3日於拉斯維加斯舉辦第32屆第2次 理監事會議,會後自11月4日起安排會後旅遊,敬請踴躍參加。 說 明: 謹訂於 2019年10月31日至11月3日舉辦本總會第32屆第2次理監事會議。並安排會後旅遊。 一. 大會於會議前安排高爾夫球聯誼賽,紅石峽谷休閒半日遊。 二. 大會並於會議前(11月1日)、高球賽及半日遊後,安排投資論壇,內容精彩,希望大家支持及踴躍參加。 三. 大會於會議後(11月3日)安排會後西峽谷一日遊 檢附預定日程表、會議報名表以及會議活動須知。為方便統計人數,預訂住宿以及餐廳,請會員儘速報名。 四、 所有參加會議之會員請於2019年9月15日之前報名, 逾時恕不受理。 報名表請寄至 Email: 。 飯店訂房請上網預定 或電話888-987-6667 Group code : TCCNA 五、上述資料均刊登於總會網站 ( ( ) ,可上網下載。 誠摯地恭請您蒞臨,並祝萬事 如意 ! 第32屆北美洲台灣商會聯合總會         總會長: 汪俊宇 監事長:張欣珠 北美洲台灣商會聯合總會第 32屆第2次理監事會議報名表 (PDF Format ) 北美洲台灣商會聯合總會第 32屆第2次理監事會議報名表 ( Words Format )
Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in North America held the 31st 2nd Board meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on December 15th 2019.
Taiwan Excellence epitomizes the best products Taiwan has to offer and will be making a grand entrance in Penang during the Taiwan Expo 2019, held in Penang for the first time. The two-day expo on the 5th and 6thof July will showcase products from more than 20 brands in the field of medical technology, Industry 4.0 and smart retail amongst others.
Michel Ching-long Lu, former ambassador to the Republic of China in France, spoke at Los Angeles about the international situation in Taiwan, “the world is unique,” but the more difficult it is, the more difficult it is to continue to work hard and tell the countries “we have been here”, calling on overseas Taiwanese to support Taiwan.


The Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America (TCCNA) was established in 1988 as a not-for-profit organization.  Its membership is composed of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce located in  major metropolitan areas in North America.

Since its inception, the TCCNA has developed into a very strong multi-national business Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

Presently the TCCNA embodies thirty-two local chambers that are in coalition with more than 3,500 Taiwanese business members in North America.  These businesses have provided more than 50,000 jobs in their local communities, which constitute a significant work force in the North American region.


總會長 張聖儀
President Michelle Chang

監事長 溫在興
Chief Supervisor Frank Wen


秘書長   嚴招弟
Secretary General Judi Yen

財務長 徐愛妮 

Chief Financial Officer Annie Hsu

科技長 陳聰能
CTO Tim Chen


Address :

1050 E Southern Ave Ste 5
Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone : (480)234-2134

Mail :


1050 E Southern Ave Ste 5 Tempe, AZ 85282

(480) 234-2134

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