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Set up in major cities in North America Association of Changhua Changhua counties trip and visit
the beautiful scenery Changhua Bagua Mountain, the construction of science parks, planting green landscaping (East Luo Xi-way street tree planting, bicycle path along the Big Dipper in, Tianwei, Creek Lake, Puyan and Erlin Zhongke planting green trees and beautification), Lugang’s antique and modern architecture, the modern urban development of the staff, the mutton stove and vineyard of the lake and the lake and the sugar factory reserved (beautification as a sightseeing) and so let us compatriots living abroad gratitude for the care, nurturing feelings of gratitude often think of, and response plans to promote green afforestation, the United States and look forward to the South, the East and the North American major cities in the United States Changhua Association founding. In order to contact the feelings of the villagers and express the meaning of loving the Taiwanese loveland, the relatives and friends of the hometown can further contact each other, help each other and understand the progress of Changhua County. It is scheduled to visit Changhua County from October 4th to 6th. For the city tour, please join us and sign up. Registration, please contact the HU Qi years, Tel: (210) 863-0338 , Email : 20th North American Federation of Taiwanese President Hu Kai years Sincerely,

 TCCNA 20 Years Review and Outlook     Lin Yiming Houston.

 Atlanta Chamber of Commerce gathering is part of Taiwan in 2008 Nian Yue 17 officially established date, will become the North
 one member of the American Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Taiwan’s Ministry of Qingshang

The World Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association will solicit the deputy directors of its working committee (such as the following). The conditions for the application shall be the directors, consultants, supervisors, and advisory members of the World Federation of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce
. If you meet the conditions and are interested As the deputy chairman of the World Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, please contact Hu Qinian, President: Tel: 
(210) 863-0338
Email      .

The World Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association seeks the deputy directors of the following working committees:


1. Regulation Committee 2. Conference Promotion Committee 3. Publishing Committee
4. Election Committee 5. Network Information Committee 6. Financial and Finance Committee
7. Overseas Taiwan Businessmen’s Stone Award Committee 8. Education and Culture Committee 9. Crisis Management Committee
10. Public Relations Committee 11. WHO Action Committee 12. Activities Association Committee
13. UN Action Committee 14. Disciplinary Committee 15. Rules of Procedure Group
16. NGO NGO Promotion Committee 17. Tourism Promotion Committee 18. Business Opportunity Promotion Committee
19. Green Business Council 20. Public Fund Management Committee 21. Taiwan Friendship Committee
22. Women’s Friendship Committee 23. Taiwanese Businessmen Working Committee



Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Greater Washington thank you letter

you will always be advanced in North America are: First, thanks to everyone a festival, Sincerely Sheng Dan quickly Le Xin Nian as intended grateful Board meeting advisor of the North American Federation of Taiwan, held in November in Washington , courtesy of everyone’s love and support, to a successful conclusion, thanks again; we Taiwan Greater Washington Bay for uS $ 10,000 funds raised Chamber of Commerce, has been meeting to donate the entire amount were donated to the following units:   


Area Unit Donation amount (US$)
Taiwan Liugui Mountain Breeding School Five yuan
Taiwan Peace Care Association Two yuan
United States Street women dinner plan  One yuan 
United States International youth camp One yuan
United States American East Chinese School Association One yuan


Special thanks to the advanced seniors who donated the following:


Mr. Wang De Mr. Jiang Wenhui Mr. Shen Zhongzheng Mr. Wu Zicong
Mr. Wu Dongsheng Mr. Chen Guangbo Mr. Ye Jianrong Mr. Zhan Kaichen
Mr. Yang Xin Mr. Yang Qiaosheng


(In no particular order, in the order of strokes) Li Zhirui, President of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce , Dahuafu


Announcement of the 19th North American Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Association

 Regarding the 19th Annual Report, I apologize for the lack of completeness and enrichment. The editorial working group of the 19th session also decided to re-edit it. Please forgive us for any inconvenience.

There are no more omissions. Please contact the regional chambers of commerce as soon as possible to send the “President’s words”, photos of the event, related personnel and so on to the Los Angeles-US Chamber of Commerce. ( 1045 E. Valley Blvd., #A211 San Gabriel, CA 91776 ) .

If at 12 Yue 14 Riqian not received any information (required to supplement or correct the content, etc.), the working group will be looking for your old campaign data published.

This article was published on the website of the Association of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in North America , and will also be distributed to regional chambers where the information is not complete.


Yours Ann

                   nineteenth Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of North America
President Yang Xin Secretary-General Zhankai Chen 11 Yue 16 Ri 2007 Nian


Wildfires in Southern California continue to wreak havoc under the strong winds. More than 1,300 homes have been burned and tens of thousands of homes have been seriously threatened
. More than 500,000 residents of San Diego County have been forced to leave their homes. This is California’s modern history in order to cope with natural disasters and into
the largest evacuation operations a row.

The blazing wildfire has transformed about 1,660 square kilometers of suburban and rural areas of Southern California into scorched earth in recent days, which is larger than the entire
New York City. From Santa Barbara to the Mexican border, at least 16 wildfires remain uncontrolled. The wildfire has
killed five people and injured more than 40 people, including 21 firefighters. (From the China Electronics News) For the California fire, the president of the World Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, Liang Zhengyuan and the chairman of the board of supervisors, Zhan Kaichen, both called the       Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan to care about the disaster.

Reference number: TCCNA19-LA040 ( 200 7 Nian 4 Yue 6 Ri ) China Airlines Mileage feedback China Membership Program  

Good article sharing— President Yang Xin provides

Life is learning to be a man Guanlan article )        >  One-day life ( Guanlan article ) > For those who know how to cherish: [Life] Enemy and benefactor Guanlan article ) 
 The North American Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Association recommends the Yongyue Health Management Center Physical Health Checkup Program (9-14-06)

Poster Flier ever more health management center equipment Facility Health Screening Program: Plan 670 , Plan 1100 , Plan 2000 , Plan 2650 Health Checkup Program Program 670 , Program 1100 , Program 2000 , Program 2650

NGO Committee Work Report (March 2007) — Chairman Chen Qiugui

Reference number: World total 12 Zi 054 No. 

Overseas Taiwanese service age children information

 Reference number: TCCNA18-FC0013 ( 2006 4 Yue 7 Ri )

“one person, one letter Campaign” to help Taiwan as observers to join the WHO

explanation ) ( English letter template the Sample Letter )      

Text number: TCCNA18-FC0011 ( March 29, 2006 ) Description of the elections for recommending candidates to represent the world president in North America

Send text number: World total 12 words No. 014 ,

    please inform members to avoid using the name of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in the local media and the CCP official or pro-national group

World Taiwanese businessmen protested “Legislative of the World Bank of Taiwan Businessmen of the Legislative Yuan” Open letter ( content ) 

Support Taiwan to join the United Nations, and invite members of the regional chambers of commerce to write to the UN member states. The
manuscript is provided by Cai Rentai consultant ( content of the manuscript )

The Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of North America (TCCNA) was established in 1988 as a not-for-profit organization.

3429 4th Ave. So., Seattle, WA 98134.

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