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North America Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Federation TCCNA

 North Taiwan Taiwan Chamber of total joint government-related units delegation (09/27/2018 ~ 09/28/2018) 

by the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce President North American Federation of Zhuohong instrument collar groups , from the Chamber of Commerce and representatives of the North America region The group of people visited the government-related unit for two days on September 27 .
Details of the event ) 
1. Visit the Foreign Trade Association to host the 2018 Innovation and Technology Expo , as well as the Foreign Trade Association. (Video and audio event report link )

2. Called the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee and was personally received by Chairman Wu Xinxing. (Video and audio event report link )

3. Meet the Ministry of Economic Affairs and receive it personally by Gong Mingxin , the deputy head of the government. (Video and audio event report link )

4. Meet the American Association of Taiwanese AIT and receive business officials and business leaders from Taiwan on the five continents. (Video and audio event report link )

5. Call the Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice , the new Director of the Bureau of Investigation, Lu Wenzhong, and the Deputy Director, Lin Linglan, to receive the warm reception. Huang Zhengsheng, former national policy adviser to the presidential palace, also warmly welcomed. (Video and audio event report link )

 TCCNA 2018 Huafu Tuen Mun Visiting Mission (04/10/2018~04/13/2018) This delegation was under the leadership of President Wu, and there were 12 presidents or elites from all over the United States in April 10 Daylighting in Washington , DC, staying at the historic Washington Plaza Hotel in the heart of the city , opened a four-day, three-night national diplomacy and economic and trade trip. details ) 

  The 30th Annual Meeting of the Association of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in North America and the 3rd Joint Meeting of Supervisors

Honorary Presidents, Advisors, Advisory Committees, Vice Presidents and Supervisors of the North American Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Association , please
send a letter to TCCNA30-20180305-0001 , please refer to it.

Subject: This is always the honor scheduled for 2018 Nian 6 Yue 21 Ri Zhi 24- May at The Westin Galleria Houston Hotel convene Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Federation of North America 30 Annual Meeting of 3 times joint meeting of directors and supervisors, please take part,
I look forward to your presence. The details (including the post-conference travel itinerary) and registration form are as follows, or refer to the North American Chamber of Commerce Association’s website Registration deadline for the 2018 Nian 3 Yue 31 days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Secretariat of the General Conference (see below).

President Wu Guangyi     Supervisors Lizhen    Cordially

North Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Federation Secretariat:
Terry Hou (Houxiu Yi) 713-596-6848 
Michelle Huang (Joe Wong) 713-596-6872 
Ambrosia Chuang (Zhuang Yaling) 713-596-6904 
Bill Chen (Chen Qihui) 713-596-6968
General Secretariat Email:

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 Mission – New Orleans 4 Day Tour)B Group – Dezhou Deep 5 Day Tour ) ( C Mission – 6 Days Western Caribbean Gulf Cruise )


  Returned Delegation of the Association of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in North America ( please click on the link to view news reports and photos )

1) Meet the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee concerned about the Hualien earthquake disaster and Taiwan’s new industry

2) called on Li Law School of
the Legislative Yuan passed legislation gathering will be visiting
 France hospital photo link, please download as soon as possible, so as not to link failure.

3) The Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission and the North American Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Association and new entrepreneurs create business opportunities [The Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission and the North American Chamber of Commerce and New Ventures Create business opportunities] The Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee held the “Inviting Domestic New Ventures to Expand Overseas Business Opportunities” on February 9th, followed by the New Entrepreneur to Expand Overseas Business Opportunities on 22nd, and the North American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan. The presidents of the meeting, Wu Guangyi, and other 17 Taiwanese businessmen discussed business opportunities with the three new entrepreneurs of the Muscle Research Institute, Che Yi Da and Hua Yi Kang. Wu Xinxing, chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, said that the media conference was the implementation of the Executive Yuan’s “Optimization of Investment Environment Action Plan for New Ventures” and Dean Lai Qingde’s expectations for the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, the introduction of overseas network and the establishment of a new career platform. Wu Xinxing further explained that at present, new industries are generally lacking in capital, technology, access and markets, and Taiwanese companies that spread the world are the biggest force in promoting overseas new ventures. In particular, Taiwanese companies in the United States have always had superior strength, and they hope to use Taiwanese power to pull A young man from Taiwan. At the same time, he encourages overseas Chinese to contact the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee if they have any problems. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee will uphold the service enthusiasm of “We want to let overseas Chinese know what the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee is doing, and at the same time listen to what the overseas Chinese want us to do”. Serving overseas Chinese. Wu Guangyi said that the Chamber of Commerce has set up a job-seeking platform for international students in the United States, laying the foundation for the job-seeking pipeline, and hopes to hold lectures on the struggles of overseas Taiwanese businessmen for these new entrepreneurs in the future as a reference for their successful overseas entrepreneurship. The North American Chamber of Commerce also called on President Tsai Ing-wen on the 23rd to say that the Overseas Chinese Affairs Organizing Committee held a new overseas entrepreneurial matchmaking event with good intentions, and will invite new entrepreneurs to come to the United States to exchange business activities in the future. Three new entrepreneurs from the biotechnology, medical, and auto repair industries conducted industry business briefings during the meeting. Later, they exchanged opinions with the North American Chamber of Commerce during business opportunity exchanges and looked forward to further cooperation opportunities. source.


 President Tsai Ing-wen Meets with the “Returned Visiting Delegation of the Association of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in North America” ​​(from the news of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of China ) click to view the manuscript and photos )

President Tsai Ing-wen received the “Returned Visiting Delegation of the Association of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in North America” ​​on the morning of (23) , explaining the efforts and achievements of the government to boost the economic climate. It is also expected that the villagers will continue to speak for Taiwan and participate together. The future development of Taiwan.

In his speech, the President first affirmed the long-term commitment and efforts of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in North America. Referring to the recent economic situation in Taiwan, she said that in the past year, Taiwan’s economic growth rate has continued to rise, and the economy has also flourished. It is obvious that Taiwan’s economy “should go up” this year.

The president pointed out that in order to boost the morale of public servants, the government decided to raise the salary of all the military personnel by 3% . At the same time, it will encourage private enterprises to raise salaries for their employees. It is hoped that this wave of economic prosperity will also greatly enhance the people’s salary. . In addition, the government has also adopted a tax reform to allow young and middle-income households or young people with a monthly salary of less than 30,000 yuan to be exempt from income tax to take care of the younger generation.

The President emphasized that the current construction of “Foresight Basic Design Paintings” and ” 5+2 ” Industrial Innovation Projects has been launched, and Taiwan is competing with the world for technology and innovation. In fact, Taiwan has new development technologies and innovations. If the speed of innovation can accelerate in the future, young people will have more opportunities to further enhance Taiwan’s international competitiveness.

Finally, the President once again thanked the North American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan for its long-term support and assistance. In the new year, I wish you all a happy and happy life.

The visiting party was led by Wu Guangyi, president of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of the North American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, and accompanied by Wu Xinxing, chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee. He came to the presidential palace to meet with the president, and the deputy secretary-general of the presidential palace, Yao Renduo, was also present.

 Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in various regions of North America returns to the deep tourism contact platform

North America returned to Taiwan to set up offices depth tour of the contact window (Area Chamber of Commerce for the explanation ), please refer to the following travel information : 
1) Sandimen Liouciou Kenting five days and four nights deluxe business trip details )
2) should spend five days East Four-night business luxury tour details )
3) Lukang/Sun Moon Lake/Tai’an Hot Springs 3D Tour details )
4) Yilan Jiaoxi/Jiufen Exquisite 2 Day Tour Details )
5) Houci Lake Miaoli Changhua Five Days Four-night business luxury tour ( 
details )
6) Two-day trip to Fisherman’s Wharf, Northeast Point ( 
details )

 North American Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Association, Hualien Earthquake Disaster Relief Fundraising

Dear North America Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Federation were Jun An advanced,

2 Yue 6 Ri Hualien, Taiwan earthquake caused serious disaster, the number of deaths and injuries continues to rise. The North American Chamber of Commerce and Commerce of the United States has launched a donation campaign to set up a donation account called ” Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America. Earthquake Relief Funds “. I hope that you will be able to play the role of “Hungry, Hunger, and People”. Love, expressing the care and love of the North American compatriots against the victims of the Hualien earthquake. Donations from now until 2 Yue 29 dead date, details please contact North Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Federation Secretariat, phone 713-596-6848 or 713-596-6872 . President Wu Guangyi of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of the North American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan said that we are suffering from disasters such as the Kaohsiung gas explosion and the Tainan earthquake in the North American Taiwanese business associations. This time, the Hualien earthquake occurred on the eve of the Spring Festival, and many victims The homeland was destroyed; therefore, the North American Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce will combine enterprises, associations and all the advanced to jointly reduce the cotton for the victims; President Wu Guangyi first donated US$10,000, and Secretary Liang Qinghui donated US dollars to Wu Jinyuan. In order to attract talents and raise funds for the victims, I hope to extend the assistance of the victims of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and ignite more charity. All donations will be sent to the disaster relief agencies, and the tax receipts will be provided in the United States. Details of the donations will be announced in consultation with the donors. President Wu said that I hope that everyone can care for and pray for the folks in Hualien to help them tide over the difficulties and get out of the haze. This will be the biggest vision for the Year of the Dog. The North American Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Association will continue to care for the community and wish all advanced friends good health and peace of mind! 

Donation Details:
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Mailing Address: 9315 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, TX 77036 
Attention: Terry Hou, TCCNA

Hua Lian Earthquake Disaster Relief Fundraising Instructions ) ( Donation Form )

 North Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Federation of the 30 th second reason Supervisory Board Business Opportunities Seminar lecture content

Business Opportunity Seminar Zhuang Shuohan Vice Chairman and Ding Chuanlun Executive Deputy General Manager’s Speech
( US Tax Reform ) ( US-Taiwan Economic and Trade Relations and Response Strategies )


Opening of the 30th Second Board of Supervisors of the Association of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in North America reproduced from World News )

Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of North America 2 Yue 3 Ri (Saturday) morning at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel ( Royal Hawaiian Hotel held its) 30 th secondary management board of supervisors, nearly 200 Wei North America Taiwanese members attended the opening ceremony. The attendees included Li Yongde, Chairman of the World Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Zhuang Shuohan, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Trade Association, Lv Yuanrong, Deputy Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, Xiao Meiqin and Qiu Yiying, Legislative Council Member, and Zhou Minjun, Director of the Taipei Scriptures in Honolulu . Honolulu City Economic Secretary Edward Hawkins also came to the mayor congratulatory message. At 9:00 on the 3rd , after the people sang the American Chinese song first, the North American president Wu Guangyi expressed his gratitude to the Hawaiian branch for their efforts to make the Hawaii meeting a success, and the members were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hawaii after the meeting. . Wu Guangyi also said that Hawaiian Taiwanese business members can be regarded as the light of immigration. He also hopes that Taiwanese business members can also help young business members to start businesses and contribute to the community. In the speech, the president of the world, Mr. Lin Guixiang, thanked the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in North America and the Hawaiian branch of the organization for their hard work. The guests will come to the stage one after another.

The first speaker, Li Yongde, said that he was accompanying his wife, Qiu Yiying, to Hawaii. Before he left for the leave of the Executive Yuan Lai Qingde, Lai Qingde also asked him to pay tribute to the Taiwanese businessmen, and explained to Taiwanese businessmen the current investment industry in Taiwan – green energy, especially wind power, and looked forward to Taiwanese investment.

Zhuang Shuowen mentioned that since US President Trump came to power, Taiwan has promised the United States to invest in the United States through private investment in the United States. At the meeting, Lu Yuanrong expressed his congratulations to the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in North America on behalf of Chairman Wu Xinxing and made three suggestions; including Taiwanese businessmen as private ambassadors of the Taiwan government, assisting young businessmen to develop their businesses and investing in Taiwan. He called on Taiwanese businessmen to return to Taiwan to invest in the Qingchuang industry, and to promote and develop Taiwan and overseas access.

When Xiao Meiqin and Qiu Yiying gave speeches on the stage, they all said that Taiwan’s media reports focused on fighting disputes. In fact, the Legislative Yuan also attached great importance to Taiwan’s economic development. At the same time, the government affirmed the Taiwanese businessmen’s efforts to return to their hometowns and communities.

Gao Zhishang, chairman of Yimei Food Group, mentioned that the “Digital Invention Seminar” was held in Taiwan in the middle of this year. At that time, people who are interested in overseas wisdom will be returned to Taiwan.

In his speech, Zhou Minxi first expressed his gratitude to the Mayor of Honolulu for his friendship with Taiwan. He introduced the good interaction between Taiwan and the United States in economic and trade culture. In particular, this year is the 25th year that Taiwan and Hawaii have concluded sister states . There will be many activities in the local area. The ceremony was successfully concluded at 10 am.

At the opening ceremony, Lu Yuanrong ( left ), on behalf of Chairman Wu
Xinxing, gave a congratulatory message to Wu Guangyi, the president of the North American Association of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce , and thanked the General Assembly for the
typhoon in Harvey last year. Virtue.
(Correspondent Gao Zhenhua ╱ photography)

After the opening ceremony of the 30th Second Board of Supervisors of the Association of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in North America , they attended the group photo. (Correspondent Gao Zhenhua ╱ photography)